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Hi guys I’m sorry to say this but I’ve decided to close down my blog :( It made me happy to see so many people view my posts and even like them :) But now that I’m in college I’ve decided to focus on my studies. Thanks again to everyone and sorry for the disappointment!

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Pastel Jacket

That's how you wear a pastel jacket!

This is a perfect example of how to wear a pastel jacket the asian way! ^^ Pastel goes best with pastel so this combination of a bluish greenish pastel coloured skinny jeans with a pastel pink jacket is excellent! (the jacket also having a bit of bluish greenish pastel colour) Hehe I couldn’t distinguish whether or not the pants pastel blue or pastel green so I chose to use both colours and add the “ish” in there! :p Sounds kinda funny right? Anyhow, this is the perfect way to wear a fitted, pastel jacket perfectly in an asian way ^.~

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Today I feel..

Today I feel..

Love this sweater <3 Can I have it please ^^ Sweaters like this always make me smile! All the different cat emotions are absolutely adorable!! <3 I think the cat face that would describe how I feel today is simply "good" :)

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Pretty Curly Hair

Pretty Curly Hair

My overly “girliness” continues with this post! I love curly hair like in the picture, though I have not yet learned to curl my hair in pretty and perfect manner. I can curl my hair in a cute way but I I still can’t curl it to perfection like the curls in the picture! I really want to learn how to! Maybe I should watch more youtube tutorials on how to curl hair in that manner instead of just trying it out on my own haha ^^ Curls like those always make a girl look more feminine, pretty and cute, that is why it’s one of my favourite hair styles! <3

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Fuzzy Pink Dress

Fuzzy Pink Dress

If I had to rate this dress I’d give it a 100/10 ^^ It’s funny because clothing that is laid out usually looks unappealing to me but this is an exception. Having the dress laid out makes the dress look so beautiful and desirable! I love the fuzzy, pink pattern on the dress and the black bow belt makes the dress soooo lovely! Haha this dress is so princess-like ^____^ The jewel-like bows put as display on the side add even more femininity to the piece! All I can say is love love love this dress!!!! ^ o ^

~~Hehe I think I’m becoming overly girly lately! Apologies to those who find all this girly style weird ^^ v

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A Sweater with Cute Pastel Designs

A Sweater with Cute Pastel Designs

As always, any clothing with cute designs and pastel colours catches my attention. Ya maybe my style is too girly but I can’t help it. I’ve said it numerous times but I’ll say it again ^.~ I’m automatically attracted to anything cute and girly hehe ^_____^

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A Small Piece of Strawberry Cake

A Small Piece of Strawberry Cake

Anything strawberry-related draws my attention at most times! This mini strawberry cake is no exception~~ I wanna eat that delicious piece of strawberry cake right now haha! On the template, katakana characters are shown which shows you that these desserts are made in japan. Yes, japanese people seem to have so many cute and delicious desserts that I always wish I can have. The only negative about this cake is its size. I previously made a post about how mini-sized desserts look adorable. Well they do, but you aren’t getting the full package! Although it’s cute, the price for such a small piece of dessert needs to be reasonable. It’s cuteness can deceive you into buying something overpriced! Haha I guess I’m starting to dislike mini desserts now. But I can’t deny that they look very cute and delicious ^^ Especially when there’s strawberries included ^___^

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Kimono vs Yukata

Kimono vs Yukata

I’ve always been interested in japanese culture and a tradition of their culture’s fashion is the kimono. Yes, the word kimono probably rings a bell to many people because it’s commonly heard of being worn by women at events. I was shocked upon hearing how much a kimono actually cost!! A kimono usually costs a minimum of thousand dollars and ranges even higher, no lower. I heard to get a very pretty one, it will cost you five thousand dollars. Once I heard this I then asked the question, “If kimonos were so expensive, why are they seen so often?” The reason why is that there’s a less expensive, look-alike garment called the yukata. The two are nearly the same except that a yukata is not as detailed and fine as a kimono. The yukata is what you mostly seen worn during events such as new years festivals while the kimono is worn at bigger events such as weddings. For those who thought that these traditional garments worn by women were only kimonos, I hope I’ve cleared your misunderstanding! ^^ There are kimonos but there is also the more common yet similar garment called a yukata!

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2NE1 and their new album Crush

2NE1 has officially released their new album just weeks ago and I’m loving it! <3 I've always been a fan of 2NE1 but I didn't always like some of their songs. However, I like every song in their new album Crush!! Although the more popular songs on their album right now are Come Back Home and Happy, my favourite song of the album is Gotta Be You!! <3 The song first starts with rapping but once it hits the chorus it's too catchy and beautiful!! hehe ^^ All the songs of 2NE1's new album are in the genre of dance pop so it's easy to sing along to and dance along to as well! (if ever you wanna dance) ^^ Besides that, I'm loving their new style ^^ They are always sooo unique and bold in their outfits, make-up and hairstyles. 2NE1's new album Crush is brilliant and will make you fall in love with their songs and style instantly! ^ o ^ <3

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Mini Cupcakes




Although I always prefer the regular sized cupcakes or even bigger, I always adore mini cupcakes! In this case, I can use the saying “less is more” however I will change it to “less is more cuteness” ^^ Yes indeed, the small size makes the cupcake ever more cuter! I just sometimes wonder how many mini-cupcakes I need to eat until I reach the satisfaction of a regular cupcake ^ 3 ^

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